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  • Whats in Our Milk

    Milk is a living product, and its composition changes almost on a daily basis, these changes are influenced by many things, The stage of a cows lactation, the weather, the condition of the grass they are eating and any supplement feed or crops they are eating

    Energy                                336kj per 100ml

    Protein                                  4.0g per 100 ml

    Fat, Total                               5.1g per 100ml

    -Saturated                              3.5g per100ml

    Carbohydrates                       4.7g per 100ml

    -Sugars                                  4.5g per 100ml

    Sodium                                 35mg per 100ml

    Figures are the results from testing by Assure Quality and are representative of the average composition of our milk over a year.

    Milk also contains many other vitamins and minerals but most are in small quantities that are not large enough to have a significant impact.